Who we are.

We are a creative and vibrant company predominatly working in automotive fabrication. 

Megillian Motorsport was created by Steve Norris as a platform for developing a series of trackcar projects. this has quickly expanded into customer projects, custom fabrication and 'off the shelf' performance parts.   

Steve is a fully qualified engineer with 12 years working in the petrochemical industry in an engineering role, obtaining a wealth of engineering and specialist fabrication experience along the way. This role has been pivotal in understanding the performance and character of materials and application. Steve continues to work in this sector traveling globally to meet the needs of his clients. 

Steve has been interested in anything mechanical from a young age and is a passion that has prevailed since. 

Steve also worked for a company called Z cars working on classic minis with rear engined hayabuysa and VTEC engines along with many other race/track and fast road cars. Steves Role at z cars allowed him to expand his passion and working on wide range of customer projects from space frame chassis build's, custom fabrication, Fast Road spec conversions through to Race car Preparation. It is from this that Megillian Motorsport was born. 

What we do.

We offer everything from SPec builds to bespoke fabrication. motorsport excites us, we want to be involved with your project so please get in touch.